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  • Affiliate Programs - What are they? So you’ve been reading about a lot of ways to make money on the internet, and one idea that you keep coming across is promoting affiliate programs.  So what is an affiliate program and how does it work?

  • Free Affiliate Marketing Tips - You may have heard that affiliate marketing is a great way to create a hands-off business. You don’t have to ship products or deal with customers…you  just refer customers to another company, in return for a commission.

  • Which Affiliate Programs are Best? This is one of the questions I am asked most frequently about affiliate marketing for certain.  I believe searching for the best product to promote is doing things completely backward. Yes, you can get recommendations from friends on products that sell well for them - but it all comes back to your target market and  what they want. 

  • Should I Get into Affiliate Marketing or Sell My Own Products? - It’s really not a matter of one or the other. If you want to maximize your online income, you're going to do both. There is absolutely no way you can personally offer your target market everything they're going to you definitely want to include affiliate links, even if you sell your own products

  • Can I Track Links with Commission Junction? - One of my members recently asked, “I am really new with CJ (Commission Junction) and looking at my stats and wondering if there is a way to see which links are getting the clicks? I really am trying to track what is working and what isnt. I did get a new sale which is GREAT but I want to learn more about CJ.”


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