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Poker Prophecy a Must Have
When Playing Poker on Party Poker

Poker Prophecy has been a huge help to me playing poker.  Once you get comfortable with the game you will love this site.  Basically they have a database that collects information each time a player participates in a Sit & Go tournament hold-em poker game on Party Poker.  So why is this helpfull? This allows you to see their win/loss ratio, which in turn lets you know what type of player you are up against. You can read all about this program and how it works at the Poker Prophecy website using the link above. 

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Make Money Playing Texas Hold-Em Poker Online

As a work at home Mom I am always looking for ways to make money from home, specifically online. 
I am so excited that I found a way to make money online playing a game.  I am making money playing Poker Online.  Did you know that poker is a game of skill?  In other words you can learn how to play, get good at it, and make money.  Of course I'm going to show you how.  Warning: Gambling can become addictive! :)

So let's start at the beginning.  Party is the easiest place to start when learning how to play poker.  It's where I started and where I have stayed making money.  Specifically I play Texas Hold-em Limit Tournament style poker.  Oh my gosh! So what does all that mean? No worries.

Start Playing for Free
You can download the software for free and practice your game anytime by clicking on this link:  Once you have downloaded the software, Party Poker has an excellent site that will explain the rules of the game.  You can start out playing with play money.  That's where I started.  This will help you get used to the game, the hands, and what to look for when playing poker. Remember start out by just focusing on one game.  You are looking for Texas Hold-Em Limit Poker Sit and Go Tournaments.  To find it you will go to Play Money, Single Table, Hold-Em in the gaming area.  When playing for money it is under Sit & Go Tournaments, Single Table, Hold-Em.  Keep in mind that people playing for real money will be tighter with the hands that they play, then people on the play money tables.  In other words you will see a lot more hands played on the play money tables, and playing on a real money table will be much easier for you to predict what the other players have in their hand.

What's A Tournament?

A tournament on Party Poker consists of 10 players who start out with 800 chips each.  The entry fees are different for each table.  The more money that you play, the tighter the players should be.  Each player is eliminated as they run out of chips.  The top three players on the table win money.  For example, on a $10.00 table here are the payouts:
1st - $50.00
2nd - $30.00
3rd - $20.00

The great part about playing tournaments is that an average game lasts 45 minutes.  So if you are playing a $10.00 table you only need to pay the entrance fee, then you are all set for the entire game.

Strategy Is Key
I would highly recommend getting the book Play Poker Like the Pros by Phil Hellmuth, Jr.  He does an excellent job of explaining poker and will help you learn the strategy that I am currently playing.  After reading his book I really started making money playing poker.  He has won million dollar tournaments.  Another excellent book that I also have read is Killer Poker Online by John Vorhaus.  In order to play like a pro, it helps to learn from one.  If you read both books, even better.  A quick snapshot of the strategy that I play is to play top 10 pre-flop hands.  These are the two cards that you are dealt before the initial flop. 

Top 10 Pre-Flop Hands
1. A-A
2. K-K
3. Q-Q
4. A-K
5. J-J
6. 10-10
7.  9-9
8. 10-10
9. A-Q
10. 7-7

Good Luck!!!

This Mommy is going Poker Pro

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