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Make Your Child an Executive!

So you've decided to work from home, but you have one big problem....How do you juggle working from home and taking care of your child at the same time?  At 16 months old my  daughter is my executive assistant.  Find out how you can make your child into an executive assistant.

When you're working from home you learn how to set-up and organize your home office space.  One of the things that is essential to this office, if you have little ones at home,  is a place for your child! I've read a lot of articles that talk about making your home office a quiet space for you to go and work.  I have a different perspective on this.  Instead of making your office a space that your child shouldn't be in, why not give them a place to work alongside of you?  Crazy?  Read on.....

My Daughter's a Work at Home Mom!
O.K.  So you're asking, if I encourage my child to play in the same room I'm working in, how am I going to get anything done?  One of the ways that your child learns as the grow up, is to immitate the actions of those around them.  Especially you!  Have you ever really stopped to look at how your child plays on a day to day basis?  I was completely amazed to see what Melody does while not under my direct supervision.  She's a work at home mom!  Allright, so that's a bit of a stretch...but she parents her stuffed animals, and "works" throughout the day.  I was astonished to see how much she really imitates my actions. I took this knowledge and used it to develop a play space that she has come to love.

The Executive Secretary is In!
I gave Melody her own office within my home office.  My daughter loves working with me every day.  I have set up a corner of my office that is just for her.  She's got her own little desk and chair set up right next to mine.  The desk is packed with coloring books and crayons, puzzles and books.  She even has her own phone!  Melody loves sitting at her desk and "working" while I am working.  She also has an easel in the office that has a magnetic board on one side with all different magnets.  She loves playing with alphabet magnets.  I also have a toybox with a lot of toys that she can play with throughout the day. She loves that she has a space that is "her own" that she can watch me and play alongside me while I work.

The Boss Needs a Break Too!
So my office isn't the traditional office that you would find working in the "outside world", and I often trip over toys on my way to work, but it is the perfect office for a work at home mom.  My daughter is close to me all day long even if I am working.    We even have a work schedule that we follow throughout the day. We take frequent breaks to play.  She knows when to expect breaktime so she will be calmer in those times that I am working.  I find that having a schedule that we follow really helps her to be happy throughout the day.  Melody thrives on a schedule.  She knows exactly what time lunch is even though she can't tell time.  At 11:00 each day she comes up to me and says Mommy, "eat eat."  The schedule keeps her happy and ensures that I spend a good amount of quality time with her each day and don't get caught up in my work.

My Little Executive Assistant
It's really a win-win situation for the both of us.  Throughout the day I'll also give her little tasks to complete.  Right now they are easy tasks such as putting the shapes back in her shape ball, or working on completing a puzzle.  As she gets older I will start adding crafts and other things that will help her learn while playing in our office.  She is my little executive assistant.  I realize that this may not be a practical solution for everyone's house, but take the concept, and take a look at your "office" to see if this might be something that you can incorporate into your life.  It is a huge help in our house.

About The Author: Brandy is the webmaster of Melody's Mommy and is committed to helping Moms and Dads work from home.  She lives in MA with her daughter Melody and is a successful work at home Mom.  This article may be used on any site or in any newsletter as long as it is not altered in any way and this signature line remains intact. 

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