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The following is a letter that I received from Pastor John Raymond on 02/03/05.  This is a great additional way for you to earn money with them.  You must be a producer with them to take advantage of this offer.

Earn Commissions from Disciples Cross

We have received numerous telephone calls and emails from our certified producers who are interested in selling the Disciple’s Crosses for us.  Sometimes producers are fortunate enough to land large accounts but they don’t have the time to assemble all of the crosses needed to fill the orders.  Once in a while one of our producers has a personal friend or relative who has connections with a large store or chain of stores interested in carrying the Disciple’s Cross™ in their inventory. 

Here’s a great way to earn extra profits from this terrific opportunity while getting God’s word out to more people.  We are now offering our certified producers the opportunity to also be a sales representative for us.  When you secure an account for Disciple’s Cross™ we will pay you a 10% commission from all sales to that vendor.  Not only will you make a commission on the initial order but also on every future order placed by that vendor.

Most of the smaller sales you should be able to handle yourself.  But what if the Lord blesses you with an order that is so big you can’t make all the crosses yourself?  That’s when you can call on us to support you with the inventory you need.

For example:

What if a company, church, school or store orders 1,000 crosses?  Their price on our website would be $3.75 each.  That’s a total of $3,750.00.  We will provide the crosses and give you a 10% commission, which would be $375.00.  And you wouldn’t have to make a single cross yourself!

Let’s say a chain with 200 stores purchases 50 crosses for each store.  That’s a total of 10,000 Disciple’s Crosses.  Since the 10,000 order reaches the discount of $3.50 per cross it comes to a total of $35,000.  Your commission will be 10% of the sale amount for a total of $3,500.00 in commission to you for that sale! 

Residual Income

Keep in mind that each time that vendor makes another order you will receive another 10% commission on future purchases.  Over a period of time these periodic checks for initial sales and reorders could add up to a substantial income stream for you. 

We Handle the Order

You are welcome to secure as many accounts as you wish and we’ll handle all of the shipping, billing and paperwork on our end.  All you have to do is make the sale and cash your checks.  And remember, we don’t charge for shipping crosses.  Your customer only has to pay the price posted on the website.  (Sales tax applies for Louisiana sales only.)

Craft Shows & Special Events

Some of our producers attend fairs and craft shows and sell more crosses than they can make.  If you need our inventory to help you stock up for an upcoming craft show or special event you would get the 10% commission on your own sale.  So basically, if you need the inventory for yourself you are getting a 10 % discount off of our website prices.

Fund Raisers

A great way to market the crosses is to contact local churches in the area and offer them a great fund raiser.  They buy the crosses from us and sell them for twice as much to the members and community.  They keep the profit for their special project whether it is for the building fund, missions, or the youth group.  You earn a 10% commission on the sale and any future fund raisers done by that church through Disciple’s Cross™.

Read what James from California says about this great fund raising idea:

“Dear Pastor John, 

Thank you for this opportunity.  We recently sent out a letter to some local churches offering the Disciple’s Cross™ as a great fund raiser for youth groups or special projects.  One pastor called us back promptly and wanted to do a fund raiser.  We told him we would sell the church the crosses for $5.00 each and they could sell them for $10.00 each and keep the profit.  The pastor wore one of the crosses and within 20 minutes they had sold 60 crosses for a clear profit of $300.00 for the church.  They want to order more and do it again.  We are finding that many people are not just buying one cross but rather three or four of them for friends and family members.  We’ve already gone through our first order of 400 supplies and are about to place another order of 400.

God bless you and thanks again for this opportunity.

James & Debbie”

Setting up the Account

All you have to do is to print out a sales agreement form which is attached to this email. Save this sales agreement on your computer to print out additional copies in the future. Fax or mail that to us so that we will know to give you proper credit for the sale.  That’s all there is to it.  We’ll take care of the rest.  You will be paid your commission once we have been paid for the order.  Keep in mind that some merchants require a 30-day money back guarantee.  In those cases we will not be able to release your commission until after that time has expired.

Go For It!

Now you can truly increase your profits with Disciple’s Cross™ and spread the word of God even more without having to make a ton of crosses yourself.  May the Lord guide you into the right places at the right time.  Solomon wrote in Proverbs that, “The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.”  I know God will establish divine appointments for you.

In Christ,

Pastor John
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