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How To Evaluate Lead Companies

For many years I have been involved in direct sales and have used leads to build my business. I have tried so many lead companies out there and have come across both the good ones and the bad ones. Finding the right lead company is going to affect your entire experience with lead buying.

Here are eight important items to consider when purchasing leads from a lead company:

1) Check the testimonials. See what others are saying about the leads. If you don’t see testimonials on the website, ask the lead company owner to sent you a few testimonials.

2) Make sure the company has a working phone number and email address. The email address should be a business email, not an or address.

3) Ask for referrals from others that you know who are buying leads. Ask them where they bought their leads. Ask them to share their experiences.

4) If you have a suspicious feeling about that company then find another company. Go by your gut feeling. If you suspect something is not right, chances are your hunch is worth following.

5) Compare prices with other companies. Make sure you are comparing like type leads. Some leads have confirmed phone numbers, some do not. Some have confirmed email addresses, some do not. Compare like leads when doing your price comparisons.

6) If the lead company offers FREE leads to test them out, take advantage. Try the leads and see how they work out for you.

7) Ask the company how many times their leads are sold. This is really important. If you are the 9th person to call a lead, that lead is not going to be very receptive.

8) Ask how the company is advertising to get the lead. You will find from time to time that you are calling people that just want to win something free. It's a waste of time to keep calling these people. You'll also find that leads thought they were signing up for a newsletter. Know how the company is advertising.

Each of these steps can help you in making a decision of where to buy your leads from. By following these steps you will have the best response from the leads you do buy.

About The Author

Erin Kewer has been working at home for 6 years now. Buying and selling leads has always been a part of her business. To learn more about buying leads, you can visit Erin at or you can email her at