Make up to $2000 a Month Selling  Christian Crosses
with Pastor John Raymond from Survivor Thailand

Disciples Cross was started by Pastor John Raymond who appeared on CBS's Survivor Thailand.  This is the easiest, most reputable work from home job that involves arts & crafts.  In fact, it's one of the only ones that I would personally recommend.  The disciple's cross is a hand-made christian cross that you can assemble from home.  There is a huge variety of styles of christian crosses for you to choose from. 

Once you have created the crosses, you can either sell them on your own at Christian Bookstores, Craft Fairs, Swap Meets, the internet, or Pastor John Raymond will buy them back from you.  As an entrepreneur you can make the most money by selling them at the various venues above, but you can be confident in the knowledge that you can always sell the completed crosses back to Disciples Cross for a profit.  Go to John Raymonds Disciples Cross website to find out more about how to start this exciting home business opportunity today!

Disciple's Cross

Tips for Making Disciple's Crosses - One Melody's Mommy reader has had great success with Disciple's Cross,  you can read her testimonial below. Find out how she did it! Read her tips for assembling Disciple's crosses.

**You can now sell crosses for Disciples Cross in addition to making them yourself.  For details see the letter Earning Commissions from Disciples Cross.*** 

One woman's success with Disciple's Cross

My grandaughter just got off the bus and walked in with a package from Disciple Crosses.!!!!!  They returned all 20  !!!!  They sent me a 3 page letter explaining!  LOL   I am smiling to no end.  This is a legitimate COMPANY.   I'm so happy just to know this.....So now we can definately disregard all that bad press over the net !!!!!!!   I am proof. 

OH BOY !  guess what else just happened !  A friend came over and saw my crosses and bought one for $10.00  just now.  NO KIDDING !  I told you these babies would sell themselfs!  even though I couldnt sell an Eskimo a Fireplace,  LOL !!!!

My crosses are really beautifull!  Well, thanks so much Again,  for all your help and guideance and support.  I think you should finish my article on the board,  don't you.  We can't leave people hanging.  I am not through with this company yet! 

God Bless You,
You have been a real blessing to me and I surely do appreciate you.  Nancy Morgan


I just have this addiction!!!  I don't know,  these Crosses, have a hold on me!!!   I can't explain it !
I just cant live without some,  thats all! Well,  I sold 6 of my crosses at $10.00 each,  so my startup kit is paid for. the rest of the 20 is profit.

I made an agreement with everyone I sold to,  if they wanted to get an order up, from all the people who sees theirs,  I will split everything down the middle.  Sell them for $10.00 and split the profits. And I get the enjoyment and responsibility of making them. This will keep me busy.  And money coming in. YES!  I ordered 50 more, and the pliers and the vice too, tonight.
christian crosses
Pastor John Raymond
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