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November 16, 2006

Love Karaoke? Ever thought about singing online?

I have just launched a brand new site called Karaoke Diamond.  Karaoke Diamond tells you everything you need to know about singing online karaoke.  We have information about all the online karaoke contests, news,  technical help and information, and connections to the online karaoke community.  Did you know that there are online karaoke competitions going on that you can participate from rigth from your home?  I've personally won over $350.00 competing in online karaoke competitions from home. :)

What is online karaoke?  Online Karaoke is fairly new, and is constantly being updated.  Right now you can sing online with both audio and video if you choose. There are sites that you can sing on for free as well as one's that require a subscription.   All you need is a microphone and a webcam if you choose to participate in video. :))) Check it out!

  Survey Opportunities
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Home Business Opportunities

Your Home Business Opportunity can appear here.  This space can be purchased for $5.00 a newsletter.  Sign up here:  Advertising Home Business

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Work at Home Jobs

The following work at home jobs are offered on a one-time basis, see if one of them might be a good match for you!  (Please note that these leads are unresearched.  I have done a quick check on them, but make sure you investigate any opportunitiy for work online before joining.)

This is is just a small handfull of the jobs currently available on Home Job Stop.  I don't have the room to list them all and many of them are for specific areas, or have job descriptions that are just to long to fit here! So make sure you go and check out Home Job Stop if you are serious about working from home!

At Home Agents
Job Description: We are currently seeking experienced home based agents with a background in customer service, data entry, inbound/outbound telemarketing, sales and client services. Our process is very simple! Once you have applied, been approved and completed our interactivetraining, you are ready to begin! Calls will be automatically forwarded to you based on the schedule you choose to work for that specific day. Secure Call Management Inc. pays you for the time you spend speaking to a customer on the phone, and you will be paid a per minute rate.  Requirements: Dedicated Phone Line for at home work with NO features( waiting, voice mail), High Speed Internet (DSL or Cable), Computer with Microsoft applications 

Essay Readers
Efficiently and accurately score SAT essays from your home. Must have a Bachlor's degree or higher, qualified teacher who has taught or is teaching a writing course in either high school or college, 3 years teaching experience. Must be a citizen of the US, authorized to work in the US or resident alien.

Online Instructors
Leading provider of live web conferencing and eLearning solutions has opportunities posted Instructors in the following fields: Economics, Sociology, Communications, Public Speaking, Philosophy (Logic), Political Science (American Government), and Italian. Instructors work with students to help them understand how to work through their problems. Instruction is supplied through various forms of communication, such as voice, text messaging, etc. Also will attend training through a virtual classroom.
Requirements: All instructors must have at least a Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) or teaching certificate and possess advanced technological aptitudes. 

News Transcribers
This company publishes news and information in a digital form. Opportunity for homebased transcribers to produce verbatim transcripts for various media clients. Must have a digital foot pedal system, a bachelor's degree in English or journalism, and at least three years of work experience.

This high-quality transcription company has opportunities for excellent tanscriptionists. Must be able to type a minimum of 80-85 words per minute, have excellent grammar and spelling and, ideally, be familiar with a number of different areas, particularly business terminology, legal and/or related fields. 

Translation Positions – Global Location
As globalization integrators, this company delivers products and supporting materials that cost less to localize, publish, support and update while guaranteeing quality and satisfaction. Opportunities for Translators with specific technical and industry experience. Work from home. 

Virtual Personal Assistant
Join a premier provider of specialty lifestyle management and VIP concierge services. This company has opportunities for a virtual personal assistant with at least 2 years customer service experience. Must also have a high school diploma or GED, a home computer with high speed internet connection (DSL/Cable), quiet working environment, proficiency with computers, and the ability to resolve/answer complex questions.

More Work at Home Jobs - Want to see more?  One of my favorite places to find work from home jobs that are available is a site called Home Job Stop.  They have a database of quality jobs that is updated constantly.  This site scours the web in search of new leads.  There are a lot of jobs that are for specific areas that I do not post, ie certain states, cities etc.  This is a great site if you are serious about finding a work at home job.  I have received a lot of e-mail from Melody's Mommy subscribers letting me know that they have found a job from this site.

Freelance Jobs

Melody's Mommy has partnered with to bring you the best Freelance Jobs out there. Browse through the list of categories below to find jobs in the categories that interest you.  Freelance positions are jobs that pay you to complete a specific task.  This is a great way to start working on your own from home. 

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