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My main goal at Melody's Mommy is to help people work from home.   It really brightens my day when someone takes the time to send me an e-mail letting me know that they are able to work from home due to the efforts of my site.  Here are some of my favorites. 

I just want to say thank you for your website.  Because of you, I now have a job as a "work at home agent' that I got through one of your FREE links.  There are so many websites out there that charge fees for what you are giving away.  I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate what you have done with your website.  I am still looking for other ways to make money at home, but for now, at least I've started something.  Thanks again and Good Work!  Lisa

Brandy- I wanted to tell you I love your site! I just received my first newsletter, and am thrilled to see EcoLeads spotlighted as a Home Business Opportunity of the Week. I'm not only an EcoQuest dealer myself, but my mentor is Elaine Gibson - the woman pictured leaning against her bonus car with her husband. By the way, Elaine no longer has that car. She's had a FEW bonus cars since then!!!
Thank you for creating such a wonderful and cohesive resource for home-based business owners, and those looking into the opportunities. I look forward to becoming more involved.Yours in Success! Sarah

Just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your website.  My daughter was born in Sept 03 and I really wanted to stay home with her, but couldn't afford to.  I did some brief internet searches for at-home positions when I first went back to work, but found nothing but scams, etc.  I saw your site the other day and several of the options (especially being a GRE exam rater for ETS) sounded like a possibility.  I am still working full time out of the home, but I'm hoping this will change soon.  Thank you for compiling all this information!!!!!!  Melissa

Hi Brandy, I just wanted to give you an "attagirl" for the website!  It is amazing!  I have been searching for something like this since January and just found you yesterday.  I also wanted to say thank you because
I now have hope that real work-at-home jobs do exist! Thanks Again, Angela (McKinney, TX)

Hello Kelly! My name is Lindsay Stanfield, I recently submitted my vote for MVP and I would love to share with you.... I think these people need to be noticed for all their hard work. My vote was for Brandy Latshaw.... I found her website just a few months back and she has helped me tremendously!!!! She did some research for me on 2 different jobs and it has been wonderful for me one didn't work out but that was all me, the company seemed to be great I just wasn't able to accept that type of work at this time. Recently, I sent her an email with a couple of questions about a specific job and rather than tell me she wasn't sure and sending me a phone or email address for the company she automatically called them for me. I was shocked that she did something like that all on her own. It's nice to see that there are still truly unselfish people still left in this world. Brandy.... and all of these ladies do a wonderful thing for others and they should be recognized. I hope this helps you out! Have a great week!!!! - Lindsay S (Pleasant Valley MO)

I just wanted to extend my greatest gratitude for your website of information.  Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this kind of information (mostly work at home jobs) without charging a fee.  I was a professional executive until a health change recently and have been forced to find something to do to work from home to support myself.  You’ve done such a great job!  I have just started sorting through some of the sites and haven’t actually pursued any of them yet, but am hopeful.  I’ll let you now how it goes.  Thank you so much!   - Shela

I am 51 yrs. young. my baby is 24 yrs old. anyway, I have a high school education and have been working with children at Mother's Day Out programs and clean homes, offices, etc. I ran across your website and thankful to have found more information. Hope to find enough work to re-place the cleaning business. Thanks for your hard work and getting the sites out to others. God Bless,Sandra

Hi Brandy, You helped me so much with my new mystery shopping attempts. I have done 3 shops and 2 surveys that pay 25.00 each. It is slow going with the shopping still, but I keep applying , applying, applying, Thanks, Nancy

Brandy,   Thank you so much once again.  I'm so excited, I just got and invite to my first "real" survey from e-poll, filled it out and then volunteered to watch the red carpet special before the Golden Globes and take a survey when it is over.  I will get a combined 1500 points for both's a start!  Thanks again for all your help, and continued success with your surveys/focus groups.  --Elizabeth

Thank you so much for the time and effort you have out into your site to help other mom's! I already found a job through it and am working on more! Thanks so much!!  Cheree
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