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Medical Transcription Jobs From Home

This career field requires a background in Medical Transcription.  If you are looking for a telecommuting position in medical transcription, the following companies offer those positions for you.

Accurate Typing Services - Accurate Typing Services, Inc. is one of the most rapidly growing transcription companies in the New York area and we are growing stronger by the day.  Owned and operated by a transcriptionist, we understand the needs and requirements of professional transcriptionists
that can’t be measured in terms of importance in a production environment that also demands excellence of quality.  Our clients are primarily acute care medical facilities.  We are looking for those top quality MTs nationwide who wish to work with a company committed to our clients.  We require two years experience in acute care terminology.  Excellent grammar and spelling skills, as well as a broad medical terminology background and good transcriptionspeed are necessary in a quality/production environment.

Accuscribe Transcription - Unique service in that it utilizes Speech Machines technology, enabling us to hire the best transcriptionists from across the United States.  DocQscribe is a web-based typing platform presented by Speech Machines.  It offers a great deal of functionality to you as a transcriptionist.  These features enable transcription and QA to be faster and, at the same time, offer the customer a high level of service.  By simply connecting the Internet and launching Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, you can access DocQscribe.  This excludes the need for other specific software.  After logging in, DocQscribe automatically allocates to you a particular job on a priority basis as set by the manager.  The job is downloaded to your PC as a .wav file, thus enabling yout o listen to the audio using the PC sound card and headphones.  Playback can be controlled with a standard serial port foot pedal or via key presses on the keyboard.

Amphion - Seeking medical language specialists with two years' hospital or multi-specialty clinic medical transcription experience to work out of their homes. The benefits of working as a medical transcriptionist at Amphion are numerous. There are no night or weekend hours (unless you want them!) plus you receive $300./year credential maintenance reimbursement (full-time). You may work part-time or full-time with benefits and initially design your own work schedule. Imagine leaving the office commute and politics behind and working from the convenience of your own home. It can happen with Amphion! Amphion uses a Word/Internet-based transcription platform and all hardware/software is provided and supported for a $20/month rental fee. You can work for a company founded on high billing and payroll ethics and partner with a supportive, communicative management team led by experienced medical language specialists with a passion for quality like no others. Other benefits for all full-time positions include: health insurance, dental insurance, 401k, Flexible Spending Account, direct deposit of paychecks, referral bonuses, and paid time off. Benefits for all part-time positions include: dental insurance, 401k, Flexible Spending Account, direct deposit of paychecks, referral bonuses. 

Applied Medical Services - For over 25 years Applied Medical Services has worked to establish its excellent reputation and high client satisfaction rating. We know that the key to our ongoing success is our highly skilled team of medical transcript, medical billing and medical coding professionals!  Our customers deserve the highest level of service and products possible. That is why we continually look for the best individuals to join our growing team!  If you are interested in joining our successful team, consider one of the following at -home or on-site medical job opportunities:

Ascend Healthcare Systems - Medical Transcriptionist to work from home. Minimum of three years of acute care facilities experience. CMT preferred. Required experience with Windows 2000 or Windows XP and proficient with Internet – FTP, https://, pcAnywhere and other protocols. Also required is proficiency in WordPerfect 9.X or Word 2002/2003. Highly competitive production based compensation plus other benefits. IC and employee positions available in all states.

MT Jobs - A database where you can search for Medical Transcription Jobs..

Outsourcing Solutions Inc - OSi offers competitive pay to qualified medical transcriptionists with flexible scheduling to suit your individual needs. Work from home and must provide all desk, chairs, equipment,
reference materials.  Not eligible to participate in Company benefits – receive higher pay.  May choose from available OSi clients (not all available to IC's due to turnaround requirements) May work any amount at any speed but must maintain 98% accuracy. Set own schedule and time off – must work general
times of the day based on selected client. Must provide two weeks notice of any time off . No requirement to submit time sheet.  Responsible for any and all taxes including FICA and Federal/State Income. Non exclusive  - may provide transcription/coding services to other services or clients. Ability to deduct home office expense (*consult your tax advisor for all regulations/rules) Must sign Independent Contractor Agreement and complete W-9. No guarantee from OSi as to the amount of work available.

Phoenix Medcom - We require a minimum of 3 years experience in Ops and Discharges, with acute care facility/teaching institution/production environment experience essential. This is a major metropolitan market with primarily teaching institutions, and therefore there are significant numbers of ESL’s. All of our hospitals are teaching facilities, with general technical surgeries requiring the skill and ability to transcribe a variety of disciplines every single day. Operative reports comprise approximately 80% of our volume. We also hire for discharge summary/ consultation/ clinic note coverage as the need arises. We require a minimum of 600 lines per day. We have never experienced a prolonged work shortage, so you can type to whatever limits you set for yourself over our required 600 lines/day, Monday-Friday. We have work 24/7. Weekends are not required. We do not overstaff an account, so there’s no fighting to get your committed lines. You are assigned specific accounts and you will stay with these accounts. You don't bounce from account to account on a daily or weekly basis. However, to achieve a significantly high volume, you will need to type more than one account.

Spectra Medi -  Full or part-time. Experience required. Certificate or certification desirable. Our remote transcriptionists work via Internet, using our very own software and supported by a complete medical/technical and business team. Call or contact us to discuss your particular needs as a remote team member. 

Transcend Services - At Transcend, our medical language specialists are employees, not contractors. MLS professionals work out of their homes based anywhere in the US, and can choose to work on a full- or part-time basis. We support home-based offices by providing all computer equipment and 24/7 technical and administrative support and quick problem resolution for a minimal leasing fee.General requirements for this position are: A minimum of three years work experience in acute-care transcription with a strong background in operative notes, or three years' work experience in radiology transcription, Experience with ESL (English-as-a-Second-Language) dictators, DSL or cable Internet service access.  We offer competitive cpl rates, production-based incentive pay and a benefits package that includes medical, dental, life insurance, disability, 401K, and paid time off. Opportunities for advancement (while still working at home) include positions in Document Completion, QA/Training or Account Management.

WebMedx - Recognized as the 2006 and 2008 AAMT Employer of the Year, Webmedx is an exciting and growing company succeeding largely due to the talented individuals we employ. If you are a Medical Transcriptionist or Medical Content Specialist who takes pride in your work and are dedicated to the field of Medical Transcription then we want you to join our nationwide team of U.S.-based professionals working from their homes to support patient care.

Jobs from Home in Medical Transcription

Have you ever considered working from home in medical transcription?  Start your career in medical transcription from home today.

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