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Transcription Jobs From Home

Transcription is a great way to make money from home.  These telecommuting positions are for non-medical transcription positions.

AccuTran Global - Minimum 70 wpm typing speed, Experience preferred,  Work is available from 4 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., approximately, with audio available throughout the day during peak seasons,  We recommend the purchase of a foot pedal, but no other software is required

Alderson Reporting - See Website for Current Job Openings.  You may need to inquire if they are available for working at home.  They change frequently.  Alderson clients represent today’s newsmakers that shape public policy and directly influence current events.  The District’s largest law firms call Alderson Reporting because we have provided them with the area’s best and brightest reporters for over 60 years.  They know that with one call they will tap into our highly-skilled and technically advanced pool  of reporters who can provide accurate and timely transcripts.  Alderson reporters provide the official transcripts for the Supreme Court of the United States and many United States Senate committees.  Our staff reporters also play an integral role in large-scale litigation undertaken by the federal government and major corporations.

All Type Transcription Services - All Type Services provides quality, professional transcription and administrative support to individuals and companies.  We offer transcription of audio and video tapes as well as audio & video files in a variety of digital formats.  Work Opportunities:

American High Tech Transcription:  accepts inquiries via email. We seek local employees to work in our office in Largo, Florida. We also outsource work to independent contractors who may live anywhere in the U.S. All applicants must undergo a complete criminal background check.

Cambridge Transcription - Cambridge Transcriptions is a growing group of talented and focused people. The environment is fast-paced, and we provide a pleasant atmosphere in which to grow and learn. Cambridge Transcriptions is constantly looking for intelligent and capable people to join the staff. Reliable part-time positions are available, either on-site or off-site.

Cyber Dictate - CyberDictate is an online transcription company based in the Austin, Texas area, that provides administrative support services to law firms, financial institutions, corporations, healthcare professionals and non-profit organizations throughout the United States.
Diversified Reporting Services Net - Diversified Reporting is a woman-owned business that has been operating in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area since 1980. Our corporate philosophy is founded on the concept of "full service." In addition to performing basic duties, we pride ourselves on our dependability, attention to detail, and concern for the special needs of our individual clients.

Net TranscriptsIndividuals who can transcribe audio content of financial results conferences, medical training seminars, group project meetings and other general business meetings. Must type 80+ WPM, have excellent grammar and proofreading skills, have experience with MS Word and Excel, and must demonstrate strong computer literacy.
**Also looking for law enforcement word processors*

Mountain West Publishing - Mountain West Processing is committed to providing high quality, professional, and confidential service. We offer a variety of services such as Document Coding, Transcription and Research.  Our independent contractors adhere closely to the requirements of our clients and we offer the highest quality in terms of turn around time, formatting and special instructions.  Hires both entry level and experienced transcriptionists.  Please check for current listings.

Production Transcripts - Transcribers must be highly proficient and experienced transcribers. Only transcribers with experience transcribing from digital files will be hired. Prior to employment there will be a test. Please indicate your previous transcription experience, your current WPM, and your current employment situation. No beginners, no students.

Speak Write -  SpeakWrite typists are qualified legal or general transcriptionists who contract with us to receive transcription work to complete from their own home, on their own schedule. You can apply for the work on-line, and upon approval of your application and the completion of the required testing, you will be given a software which acts as a "key" which allows you to access the work. You may then sign into our system, pick up work from our clients, then upload your finished transcriptions to our system via the Internet.

Talk2TypeTranscriptionists - talk2TYPE has independent contractor, telecommuter, and part-time/full-time staff positions available for Transcribers.  For the idependent contractor position you must type 75+wpm, have a working computer, be computer literate, have a reliable e-mail account, a full-size cassette transcription machine, be extremely alert with a fine attention to detail and accuracy, be responsible and capable of never missing a tight deadline.  For the staff position you must type 80+ wpm and have all the same qualifications but you do not need to have your own equipment. 

TASK Transcription Services - This opportunity is for GENERAL/LEGAL TRANSCRIPTION; it is NOT medical transcription. Our typists transcribe letters and reports for attorneys and companies associated with California Workers' Compensation (CA WC) on a daily basis. Weekday, weeknight and weekend work is available. You will work from home as independent contractors for TASK (, a company that has been providing word processing services to law firms, doctors, etc., since 1988. TASK has an established, strong reputation for delivering high quality documents and providing excellent customer service. We seek contractors who strive for the same in all they do.

Tigerfish - accepts people who do not have experience If you are a quick typist with a good ear for language and a strong sense of written English, transcribing for Tigerfish can be a way to earn money while working at home (or on the road) with a flexible schedule. Tigerfish has been in business since 1989. While we demand the highest quality of work from our transcribers, we are known for friendliness and flexibility concerning their needs. Many transcribers have been with us for more than a decade. These include stay-at-home parents, artists and writers pursuing creative projects, and people working from abroad as they travel. Transcription is the rendering of recorded speech into written form. Our clients produce a wide variety of materials, from single subject interviews to focus groups, documentary film footage to corporate research projects, police interrogations to depositions. Different styles and levels of interpretation are called for: absolute verbatim, editing for clarity, or occasionally having to paraphrase specified sections. One thing we have found to be indispensable in a successful transcriber is the ability to write well. Spoken language often takes forms that are subject to a wide degree of grammatical and syntactical interpretation. It is the job of the transcriber to listen for meaning and make intelligent decisions on the best way to render the spoken word in written form.

Transcription 2000 Services - Dear Applicant: We are currently hiring independent contractor transcriptionists. You may apply below if you have excellent transcription skills and take pride in your product.We DO NOT transcribe medical material for hospitals/doctors, et cetera. Please DO NOT apply if you are seeking a medical transcriptionist's position. Apply if you meet the criteria below. Minimum 5 years experience, Own your own equipment, DSL and/or Cable connection, Dedicated

Ubiqus  - See Site, Lots of Positions, Changes frequently. Ubiqus is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It considers all positions without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability or other categories as proscribed by federal, state or local law.

Vitac - We are currently accepting resumes and cover letters for the positions of Realtime Captioners, Production Coordinators, and Offline Captioners in our captioning division. In our subtitling division, we always welcome resumes and cover letters for the positions of translators and multi-language production coordinators in all languages. VITAC Realtime Captioners and Production Coordinators work side by side to caption all live programs and events. Realtime Captioners are specially trained court reporters that provide captions for the live portion of the broadcast.

Way With Words (United States) - International transcription firm Way With Words has an ongoing requirement for home-based transcribers with an excellent standard of English 

Way With Words (Europe) - International transcription firm Way With Words has an ongoing requirement for home-based transcribers with an excellent standard of English 

Jobs from Home in Transcription

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